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Our Vessel

Experience Monterey Bay Safe and Secure aboard Sanctuary

Embark on unforgettable adventures guided by experienced captains and knowledgeable naturalists. Join us for expert-guided tours, ensuring comfort and safety as you explore the wonders of Monterey Bay.


Sanctuary is Coast Guard certified for up to 39 passengers plus crew, but we limit passengers to about 75% of her capacity to provide an even better experience. She is a 43-foot Delta Marine twin-engine and runs pure biodiesel.

Sanctuary received some great treatment in 2010. She got brand new John Deere diesel engines, new gear boxes, new propellers, new electronics and a new paint job. She is especially clean-running and fuel efficient, which means a lot to us as conservationists.

Sustainable Boating
Sanctuary Cruises is the only sustainable charter boat on the Monterey Bay. We use 99% clean-burning biodiesel instead of dirty, smelly petroleum diesel in our brand new John Deere engines. Our biodiesel is made in Central California entirely from recycled waste vegetable oil collected from Central California restaurants. No oil is imported and no fossil fuels are burned when you go whale watching with us. It’s better for the economy, the ocean creatures, the air, our engines & you. We also have the most fuel efficient boat on The Bay. We burn less fuel than any other boat. If you want to have less impact on energy consumption and the world ecology while your enjoying, living and learning, Sanctuary Cruises is the clear choice for Marine Wildlife Tours on the Monterey Bay.

Close Up Viewing
Our boat deck is close enough to the water’s surface for you to really feel a connection with the marine life. When dolphins are riding the bow you feel like you could reach down and touch them (sorry, but that is not allowed). When whales surface next to us and blow, sometimes passengers get a real whiff of whale breath or even get misted with the blow. It can be quite a thrill to stand on the bow, but be prepared for getting some sea spray!

Passenger Comfort is Key
Sanctuary has a comfortable cabin with upholstered seating, outside seating–both covered and uncovered–and one restroom. We have a modest snack bar aboard which includes plenty of hot water for all types of warm beverages and instant soups, as well as drinking waters and ginger ale in our ice chest. Snacks include chips, cookies, candies, nuts and granola bars. Passengers are welcome to pack a lunch and bring it aboard.

We also offer all types of seasickness remedies, from ginger snaps to aromatic oils to electronic motion sickness relief bands. Our cruises are non-smoking (there is no escaping cigarette smoke on a boat). Sanctuary is sparkling clean, comfortable and she smells great (thanks to the biodiesel)!

Safety is our Priority
Sanctuary Cruises’ Captains are Coast Guard licensed Vessel Masters. Our vessels are fully insured and carry all of the required safety equipment such as life jackets with lights, life rafts and Emergency Position Radio Beacon (EPIRB). We pass annual US Coast Guard inspections including safety drills. Children twelve and under are required to wear life vests at all times.