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Sanctuary Cruises

Premier Whale Watching in Monterey Bay, CA

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Sanctuary Cruises is Different - In a Good Way

Hop aboard an eco-friendly Sanctuary Cruise for the premier whale watching adventure on the Monterey Bay! Aboard the bio-diesel powered Sanctuary, marine biologists provide in-depth and engaging marine wildlife insights. The waters right outside our harbor are dubbed the “Moss Landing Whale Park” for good reason – the deep canyon waters close to shore are teeming with marine life: feeding whales, dolphins, orcas, sea otters, sea lions and birds year-round.


What Our Clients Have To Say
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a close up of a fish
This is the HANDS DOWN best whale-watching ECO trip in the Monterey Bay Area!

The boat is cozy but it's all you need! It's close to the water so when the whales come up, you SEE them up close and personal. Chase Dekker and Jackson are the best combo around. Chase is the best naturalist/photographer around and Jackson is the best captain. I have been on 2, almost 3 Photography centric cruises and whale watching several times and every single time was memorable!!

– Chris A. via Yelp
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I can't say enough good things about Sanctuary Cruises!

The variety of marine life you can encounter in the Monterey Bay is exceptional. I've been fortunate to witness humpbacks, orcas, dolphins, gray whales, and more. Each trip is a new adventure, I highly recommend going out multiple times in a season to see it all. Don't miss out – book your tour with them today!

– Effie B. via Google
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Well worth my time and money, so many whales!

I have been on this boat multiple times, and it has been wonderful every time. I think the thing to remember is you are looking for animals. You're not guaranteed to see them every time, but I have been fortunate enough to. This cruise was a better experience for me than any of the others I have gone on, in other parts of California. If you would like to see humpback whales, this is the place to go. The crew is knowledgeable and experienced.

– Lisa D. via TripAdvisor
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This was my first whale watching tour and I'm so happy we chose Sanctuary Cruises

So awesome that this sustainable charter boat uses biodiesel! The captain and Brian (marine biologist) were so nice and accommodating and expert with their info and their ability to locate the best spots for finding marine wildlife.

– Jill S. via Google
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We stayed out on the water for longer than scheduled to see more animals. What a great time!

We went on a cruise in early December. There weren't many other people that day so we had tons of space on the boat. Chase was great, shared tons of information about the wildlife we were seeing and the bay generally, he also answered many questions. Even before we got on the boat in the morning Chase and the boat captain had a plan for where to go based on what they'd heard from other boats. We spent a bunch of time with orcas (who came right up to the boat at one point) and then humpbacks.

– Laura B. via Yelp
a close up of a fish
Perfect whale watching tour! Highly recommend.

Amazing day of whale watching. Saw lots of whale breaching and one whale fully out of the water. Lots of views of white dolphin, Casper, close by. Crew works hard to make sure you see ocean life and and knowledgeable about their behaviors.

– Tarini R. via TripAdvisor