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Marine Wildlife Photography Tour

Ride In Style and Comfort!

Quick Details


Capture Memories to Last a Lifetime on Our Monterey Bay Wildlife Photography Tour

This is a high tour with a complete focus on capturing amazing wildlife images. Use of our DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2 is included when conditions permit. Call Mike if you have any questions or want to know more. (831) 239-5504

Unlike some of the Moss Landing newcomers running around in their small, open skiffs with no protection from the elements, the “Meridian” is a very stable, 50′ luxury motor yacht with all the amenities. This is a very comfortable yacht. Relax in the main salon with complimentary refreshments and snacks while we find the animals and put you in the spot to get professional level photographs, video and drone media.

The “Meridian offers multiple levels to get multiple angles. Including shooting from our large, railed swim step for kayak-level angles. Even the smaller skiffs can’t get you this low to the water.

Ask about our all day trips (831) 239-5504. This is the perfect boat for longer trips. Fully stocked kitchen included on longer trips. Why would you want to go out on the open ocean on a small open skiff when you could cruise in style and comfort on the “Meridian”. The “Meridian” is equipped with brand new twin 480 hp turbo diesel engines that can push her along at 18+ knots. Pretty much faster than we want to go on the whale grounds.

Captain Mike has been cruising the Monterey Bay and beyond for over 30 years and running whale watching trips out of Moss Landing for over 13-years. He’ll put you on the action.

Recommended Equipment

One of the most important factors for marine life photography is your lens. We recommend a zoom lens in the range of 100mm-400mm for the most productive day. Shorter focal lengths will work great if the animals come close enough. Which we never know. However, if you have a 300mm-500mm prime we would encourage you to bring it along. We have dry, safe inside storage for equipment. We also have a rental Canon 100 DX body mounted with a Canon 100-400 zoom version 2 lens if you want to rent a professional still photo rig. We will also provide free use of our DJI Phantom 4 Pro if you don’t have a drone of your own.

For question or inquiries you may check our FAQ’s page or Contact Us