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What We Do in Monterey Bay

Aboard every Sanctuary Cruise we impart current information on environmental threats and issues to our marine life and suggestions for making a difference. We feel it is important to raise awareness of threats to our oceans and build a community of caring citizens who want to do their part in finding solutions.

Sustainable Living and Responsible Boat Operating

Sanctuary Cruises is the only truly sustainable charter boat on the Monterey Bay. We use 99% clean-burning biodiesel instead of dirty, smelly petroleum diesel in our brand new John Deere engines. Our biodiesel is made in Central California entirely from recycled waste vegetable oil collected from Central California restaurants. No oil is imported and no fossil fuels are burned when you go whale watching with us. It’s better for the economy, the ocean creatures, the air, our engines & you. We also have the most fuel efficient boat on The Bay. We burn less fuel than any other boat. If you want to have less impact on energy consumption and the world ecology while your enjoying, living and learning, Sanctuary Cruises is the clear choice for Marine Wildlife Tours on the Monterey Bay.

The Sanctuary plays a major role in our lives on these waters and now we can play a major role in its life as the Management Plan Review gets underway. Take some time cruising the web site and let us know how you think the sanctuary can best be protected while also allowing careful use of its many wonderful assets.

Save the Whales focuses on educating the public, especially children, about marine mammals and the fragile ocean environment. Education is the key to saving whales, oceans and ourselves. American Cetacean Society. This organization is doing great things for whale and dolphin conservation and education.

When you walk along the waterfront of Monterey, Pacific Grove and Santa Cruz, you’ll often see Bay Net volunteers in blue jackets. They have spotting scopes and are there to interpret the many things you’ll see.

The Leatherback Sea Turtle is currently in dire straits due to fisheries by-catch issues, nesting habitat degradation and poaching. This organization is helping to raise awareness and save this incredible species that visits Monterey Bay to feed on jellies in the late summer and early fall.

Another great organization focusing on our California Gray Whale and current environmental concerns such as ocean trash, drift fishing gear and tanker traffic in migration routes.