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About Us

Discover Monterey Bay with Sanctuary Cruises

Sanctuary Cruises

Hop aboard an eco-friendly Sanctuary Cruise for the premier whale watching adventure on the Monterey Bay! Aboard the bio-diesel powered Sanctuary, marine biologists provide in-depth and engaging marine wildlife insights.

Listen to one of our marine biologists describing a Blue Whale encounter on NPR’s All Things Considered July 6, 2012

The waters right outside our harbor are dubbed the “Moss Landing Whale Park” for good reason – the deep canyon waters close to shore are teeming with marine life: feeding whales, dolphins, orcas, sea otters, sea lions and birds year-round.

Sanctuary Cruises is different – In a good way

  • We share our vast lifetime experience in seamanship, marine science and education here on the Monterey Bay with you.
  • We run longer trips which means more time to find and spend with the animals.
  • We make sure everyone gets a great view of the animals or your next trip is free.
  • We are family friendly. Kids 5 and older welcome, along with healthy pregnant moms in up to their second trimester.
  • We welcome passengers with physical limitations (with certain safety restrictions).
  • You also get closer to the water from our sea-level viewing decks to experience close-up marine wildlife encounters. Have you ever been blown in the face by a whale spout?
  • We offer personalized Ash Scattering Ceremonies with warmth, and a mariner’s prayer.
  • We offer the best marine wildlife experience on The Bay. We guarantee it or your next trip is free.
  • We’re the boat the locals prefer.
  • Recomended by The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Check out “Whale Attack”, National Geographic’s recreation of our 2004 Mother’s Day cruise when orcas attacked a baby gray whale (warning, not for the faint at heart).