Humpback whales fluke up as they go down for a dive. Photo: Michael Sack, 08-09-2017 Check out this incredible friendly whale encounter we had a few days ago. Just amazing. Friendly humpback Whale Video The amazing humpback whale action continues just outside the Moss Landing Harbor. This is the new normal for Moss Landing. It’s… Read More

Friendly harbor seal just outside of Moss Landing Harbor. Photo: Sack The summer action is starting to kick into full-gear as more and more humpbacks start showing up through out the Monterey Bay. We’ve also been seeing Pacific white-sided dolhpins, Risso’s dolphins, Northern right-whale dolphins, black-footed albatross and a lot more. Quite the lunge-fest we… Read More

Check out some video from a recent trip Pacific White-sided dolphins were going nuts. They were chasing fish right along side the humpbacks. It’s amazing. Photo: Michael Sack, Moss Landing continues to be the place to be for whales and dolphins on the Monterey Bay. Right now we’re talking humpbacks, Pacific white-sided dolphins, northern… Read More

Notice the orange coloring on the eye patch of this very young orca. They’ll usually have this coloring until they are about a year old. Then it becomes more white. Photo: Michael Sack, 05-25-2017. We had a couple of great looks at about 6-7 killer whales today. But these things were elusive. They gave… Read More

Here’s some video from today’s trip: The action continues to get better and better. And it’s all happening just outside the Moss Landing Harbor. Today we had humpback whales right out the gate. We’re actually seeing the humpbacks before we even get out of the harbor mouth. So that’s always good. Makes it easier… Read More

Killer whales show up and find something. We’re never saw what they were eating. Photo: Michael Sack, 04-20-2017 The Spring action continues as The Monterey Bay delivers amazing sightings today in clean conditions. They seemed to be feeding on something down there. Photo: Michael Sack, 04-20-2017. Big male orca, Photo: Michael Sack,… Read More

Humpback whales surface lunge-feed on anchovies. Photo: Sack, Conditions have been incredible. Today it was calm and glassy for the whole trip with only a light breeze in the afternoon. Many humpbacks have shown up all along the California coast over the last week. Pretty heavy numbers. Particularly right out in front of Moss… Read More

We headed out of the harbor while getting a lot of looks at sea otters eating fat innkeeper worms and many bird species from grebes, buffleheads, loon, pelicans, and more. We traveled out due west and kept scanning the horizon for blows. We got out to about 8 miles when all of a sudden a… Read More

href=””> Gray Whale at Moss Landing Harbor Mouth[/caption] Today was spectacular out there on Monterey Bay. Sunny clear skies, calm seas and some lovely cetacean sightings. First, we came upon a pod of hundreds of long-beaked common dolphins that played around our bow in clear blue water interacting with the boat and thrilling our passengers… Read More