So far so good for winter whale watching. We still have about six humpbacks feeding in front of Moss Landing. There’s also been a lot of birds working the area feeding on anchovies. The weather has been unstable for the last few weeks. So it’s been hit or miss. But when a nice weather window… Read More

  This Photo by Giancarlo Thomae shows the inside of a whale’s mouth with the two rows of baleen and the pink palate. Note the tiny anchovies escaping from the gaping whale mouth. This week has been quite incredible aboard Sanctuary and on the Monterey Bay. The whale action really picked up over the weekend… Read More

Today was wild at Moss Landing with a tightly packed mob of California sea lions and a dozen close-knit humpback whales swimming circles around a school of anchovies for hours. Sanctuary was instantly surrounded by whales and sea lions as soon as we exited the harbor this morning. We spent over three mesmerizing hours amongst… Read More