11-09-2012 Rare Pinnipeds, Late Humpbacks, Occasional Orcas and Abundant Rissos Dolphins

Juvenile Steller Sea Lion hanging on the MLA Buoy at Moss

This past week has been a mixed bag out here on Monterey Bay. First mention goes to our unusual sightings of rare Otariids (fur seals and sea lions).We had a most adorable and tiny northern fur seal pup doing somersaults right outside the harbor a few days ago.We only sight these rarely and this is the smallest we’ve seen, but it appeared perfectly healthy with a nice pelage and plump enough. Seeing such a tiny little seal pup all on its own out there causes one to ponder, though. The next day we spotted a juvenile Northern (Steller) Sea Lion on the MLA buoy hanging out with the considerably smaller California sea lions.This picture shows its more tawny pelage and softer nose profile.A full size Steller is three times the size of our huge California Sea Lions, at 2,000 pounds!

There are still a few humpbacks stopping by for some last minute munching prior to their long journey south to Costa Rica for calving and breeding next month. Every three days or there have been Orcas out in the bay. This past month has been particularly good for Orca sightings.

We have plenty of room for the Veteran’s Day weekend and are offering a special discount to our Veterans who have served our country. The conditions look good and the bay is full of surprises this time of year.

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