10-27-2012 Moss Landing is having a Humpback Feeding Frenzy!!!

The anchovies are back – and the lunging humpbacks – and the diving pelicans – and the cavorting sea lions. It is wild here at Moss right now. We had two humpback whales at sunset lunging straight up out of the water with their gaping mouths open and huge bulging chins expanding. What a thrill! It was a flurry of activity as the seabirds circled and dove, the sea lions porpoised and then the huge whales emerged. The same thing happened exactly one year ago at Santa Cruz. I was hoping it would happen again on my birthday and it sure did!

That wasn’t all. The Rissos Dolphins are close in and plentiful. They are frolicking. This may be due to the crazy influx of Humboldt squid in the bay. We were in a feeding frenzy of squid and birds and it was wild. You could see the dark red squid dart through the water right by the boat and when they surfaced they shot up squirts of water five feet high!

It is over the top awesome out there right now. We love October on the bay!

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