10-23-2012 Humpbacks Raising a Ruckus at Moss Landing

Photo by Allen Wright

Our neighborhood humpbacks are still circling right outside the Moss Landing Harbor. They are cruising for food to fatten up for their long journey southward to the breeding grounds off southern Mexico next month. Monday they put on quite a show for our intrepid passengers who braved the rain and stormy winds to view whales. Perhaps the storm event inspired the whales to be feisty as they repeatedly raised up their massive tail stocks and slapped the water’s surface with their flukes. We don’t see this sight everyday, so it was very cool!

Sunday was a much calmer cruise, with almost glassy waters and quiet whales. The impressive and abundant jellies, multiple mola sightings and good variety of bird life kept our interest up as we patiently waited for the whales to surface from their 7-10 minute dives.

The autumn air, atmosphere and lighting is quite awesome right now out on the water. This is definitely the best time of year to enjoy the beauty of Monterey Bay from the water.

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