10-13-2012 Orcas Prowling and Humpback Whales Lob-tailing!

Another incredible day out on the water. The conditions are so calm and clear – both the skies and the water. We look down into the water and see so many jellies and other cool invertebrate critters floating by all day long out there. Today started with a pretty darn good Orca sighting. It included our familiar and distinctive male, “Choptop”. He is so named due to the fact that he lost the top of his dorsal fin in some sort of accident years ago. He appears robust and healthy nonetheless and we see him regularly here in Monterey Bay. Today he was with a large female and another huge male was in the vicinity. We stayed with this pair for over an hour and had great views.

There were at least three sets of humpbacks in the bay today! We spent time with two sets. The second encounter was the most incredible. A pair lobtailed for a long time. What a show!

We’ve also seen albatross and fulmar the past few days out there.
Come on out, the water is fine!

About Michael Sack

Boat Captain, Monterey Bay marine life naturalist and guide. Photographer and Videographer.
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