09-25-2012 Our Faithful Humpback is still at Moss Plus Dolphins and Mola!

Sunday was a really nice day out on the bay. We had three cruises back to back and all were a joy. It helps to have a nice humpback whale in your immediate backyard, of course. Everyone aboard got good looks for quite a long time of this reliable whale as it cruised in a big circle in search of fish to eat. At one point, it popped up so close to the boat after a long dive, we all jumped (with delight!)

It keeps things entertaining when there are California sea lions munching on big fish at the surface with all the attending bird frenzy that creates. We call it “mad-dogging” when a sea lion whips the fish back and forth at the surface to rip it apart. Of course, the birds have a field day with the scraps.

The shy harbor porpoise have not been so shy lately and all are getting some good looks at these diminutive cetaceans. The jellies have been over the top with many, many huge elegant golden sea nettles, frequent moon jellies and every so often a massive egg yolk jelly. It’s always a treat when a huge mola, or ocean sunfish, drifts by our boat.They come in to the bay to feed on the jellies, so this time of year we often see them.

The conditions have been quite nice and we have room on our Thursday and Friday trips this week at 10 am. The weekend is full-up.

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Boat Captain, Monterey Bay marine life naturalist and guide. Photographer and Videographer.
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