09-22-2012 Humpbacks at Moss Landing and Risso’s Dolphins Frolicking

Moss Landing is the hot spot for whales these days in Monterey Bay. We had several feeding and circling around the mile buoy all afternoon today. Some surface lunges kept it exciting while the birds were actively diving all around the whales. Sometimes you see this feeding frenzy when whales are feeding on small bait fish and scaring them up to the surface. This is a bonus for the birds, as they don’t have to dive down to capture there dinner. It is flushed right up to them at the surface. It is a cool event to behold.

Risso’s dolphins were a highlight today. We found a large pod swimming in tight formation with occasional breaches and tail slaps. It was great viewing for all aboard. These dolphins are just so magical to watch. You see their entire bodies through the water in an eerie greenish glow when conditions are right. They are so large, yet so graceful. Young ones often leap clear of the water, twist backwards and then make a huge splash as they hit the water. This is clearly dolphins just having fun!

Dolphins, sunshine and feeding whales made for a great day on the bay.
We still have space on our 10 am trip tomorrow!

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Boat Captain, Monterey Bay marine life naturalist and guide. Photographer and Videographer.
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