09-21-2012 Humpback Whale hanging around Moss Landing

We’ve had this solo humpback whale that is lingering right outside the harbor mouth at Moss Landing over the past week or so. Some days it is right here first thing out in the morning, other days it shows up on our way back into the harbor.

Today we had gone out west about eight miles looking for whales. No boats on the bay had found anything and then we got the call “humpback at the MLA buoy at Moss”. Cool. We knew we’d have a good sighting and nice calm conditions.

We’d been enjoying the sunshine, calm seas, many seabirds and several harbor porpoise sightings. We turned the boat and headed back towards Moss for the whale. Then we looked up into the sky and saw an awesome sight – the shuttle was flying overhead on its way to LA. It was very cool to see that beast of an air machine overhead!

Well, back to nature – after spending some nice time with the whale, we went over towards the surf zone to check out a small pod of bottlenosed dolphins cruising around and fishing near shore.They delighted our customers by riding the bow and passing back and forth so close we could look down and see their entire bodies through the water. It was very cool. Speaking of dolphins, two days ago we had about 500 Common Dolphins only two miles from Moss.They frolicked around our boat for over an hour, thrilling all aboard.

Some days are phenomenal out here on the bay, others are challenging just to find a whale or dolphins. That’s nature. Today we had sunshine, a shuttle fly-by, calm seas, dolphins, porpoises and a whale. Let’s sea what tomorrow may bring – still plenty of space on our 9 am trip Saturday and our 10 am trip Sunday!

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Boat Captain, Monterey Bay marine life naturalist and guide. Photographer and Videographer.
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