09-09-2012 Common Dolphins are Back, but Rough Outer Waters Limit our Range

The last two days we have been limited to staying inside Monterey Bay due to very rough seas and high winds outside. Although conditions were quite nice inside the bay, we were not able to find whales. We will be seeing lots of people for their complimentary second trip (our “see whales or dolphins guarantee”). Conditions have calmed considerably today so we should be able to get outside the bay to those humpback whales that were reported there yesterday. We are waiting for the anchovy runs to build closer inside the bay which should bring those humpbacks close to home waters to feed on their fall fish bounty.

Last Friday we had a nice pair of humpback whales that gave us good views as they travelled along. The real prize was one of the very best dolphin days ever aboard Sanctuary! We were in a pod of perhaps a thousand Long-beaked Common Dolphins that really put on a show of a lifetime. They surrounded our boat, riding the bow and doing leaps and tail splashes. The pod was so dense it felt like you could step off the boat and walk across them. The water was clear enough to look down and see their entire bodies as they gracefully maneuvered the bow wake for a free ride. There were splashes half a mile around the boat as hundreds of dolphins surfaced in synchrony. It was truly magical. They stayed with us for over 45 minutes and gave all aboard a tremendous thrill!

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Boat Captain, Monterey Bay marine life naturalist and guide. Photographer and Videographer.
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