08/27/2012 Blue and Fin Whales are back!

Yesterday we hit the jackpot with whale sightings and it was about time! We had three fin whales circling our boat, blue whales surfacing close by in clear water so the turquoise blue coloration really shone through the water. We also had humpback whales and fantastic Pacific white-sided dolphins. It was a great, but very long day, as we had to head outside of the bay and quite a ways south to meet up with the cetaceans.

The past few weeks have been a challenge as the few humpback whales were quite far out. Sometimes they put on a show, breaching and slapping and lunge feeding. Other times they acted like they were napping. We have had consistently great Risso’s dolphins encounters that knocked our socks off, however. There is a large nursery pod hanging out mid-bay that has been very active, with lots of breaching and head slaps this past week. The orcas have been almost common in the bay the last two weeks, with sightings every 2-3 days.

So, we are not complaining about our dear Mother Nature. It’s just that when the World News with Diane Sawyer and Good Morning America film crew came aboard last Thursday, our solo humpback whale would barely show itself. The dolphins were fantastic, however. Watch ABC News this week at 5:30 pm or Good Morning America at 7 am to catch us on national media. We don’t know what day it will air, but they promised it would.

The conditions have been calm and clear and now is the time to greet the fall out there on the bay in these best of marine conditions of the year. We hope this pattern of easy going boating continues through September and October along with a return of the big baleen whales.

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Boat Captain, Monterey Bay marine life naturalist and guide. Photographer and Videographer.
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