03-16-2012: More Rough Weather, Today’s Trip Cancelled, Orcas Spotted off Moss Landing

Another rough day of winter weather. We cancelled today’s trip and did some maintenance on the boat. I also signed off on the final wrap graphics for the new Sanctuary Cruises mobile. It’s truly a piece of art.

Then I was on the beach just off the Moss Landing south jetty just checking on what I may see out there. And there they were: The unmistakable dorsal fins of four orcas about 3/4 of a mile off the beach. They appeared to be two younger males and two large females. So I called Dorris in Santa Cruz and told her to bring the camera and we’ll see if we could get some ID photos for the Orca Network and some video footage. But it took her almost an hour to get to Moss.

So by the time we got out there in the boat we couldn’t find them. Oh well, we tried. That just goes to show you, we never know what we’re going to see out there. At least we know the orcas are paying us visits. Let’s hope they show up when the weather calms down.

It looks like this weekend is also going to be a rough weather weekend and we are likely cancelling all trips for the weekend. We’ll try again next week or whenever the weather clears.

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