09-25-2015: Thirty to Forty Humpback Whales Continue Feeding Frenzy Just Outside of Moss Landing

Moss Landing Whales

Rampant lunge-feeding in front of Moss Landing. Photo: Chace Dekker, Sanctuary Cruises 09-23-2015.

The action has been rampant in front of Moss Landing lately. This is seriously some kind of wonder of the world. These humpbacks have been gorging within a few miles of Moss Landing for at least the last couple of months. The quantity of anchovies required to sustain this is staggering.

Moss Landing Whales

This was an incredible feeding event. These things were popping their big-fatty heads every few minutes for while there. Photo: Chace Dekker, Sanctuary Cruises, 09-23-2015.

The larger animals are thought to eat up to 3,000 Lbs. pounds per day of anchovies. The humpbacks also eat krill when it is around. But the last couple of years they have been eating mainly anchovies. I have to wonder where the anchovies keep coming from. They seem so abundant. We believe it’s because the Monterey Bay Submarine Canyon is so vast and productive.

Moss Landing Whales

The feast continues. Photo: Chace Dekker, Sanctuary Cruises, 09-23-2015.

We have been observing a variety of surface behavior. Tail-lobbing, breaching, lunge-feeding, pectoral fin slapping and all manner of general hijinx.

Moss Landing Lunge-feeding Humpbacks

Moss Landing Lunge-feeding Humpbacks

The conditions have been mixed. Some of the afternoon/evening trips over the last week had some rough conditions. But we’ve also had some amazing evenings and sunsets. We’re looking forward to calmer conditions as we get closer to October. We are also planning on doing some marine life photography workshops in October. They’ll be 4-5 hour+ trips from 02:00 PM until dusk. Limited to 20 photographers. Check our online calendar in October for dates, times and pricing.

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