08-24-2015: Non-stop Lunge-feeding on the Early Trip, Continues For The 10:30 AM Trip

Sorry about not updating the Captain’s Log over the last couple of weeks. I injured my hand/wrist pretty bad so I’ve been having a hard time shooting and writing. Very hard to type. So I’ll have to be short on the text for another few days. Trying to type and operate computer, but it’s still a bit painful. But I did manage to pop off a few decent photo’s this morning. So here they are. I should be back at it by Friday.

-Captain Mike

Monterey Bay Humpback Whales

We haven’t seen this kind of constant lunge-feeding since last year. Non-stop fatty whale heads popping up every few minutes for the entire 08:00 morning trip. Photo: Michael Sack, sanctuarycruises.com 08-24-2015

Monterey Bay Humpback Whales

They just kept on going. Photo: Michael Sack, sanctuarycruises.com 08-24-2015.

Monterey Bay Humpback Whales

Here’s another one. Photo: Michael Sack, 08-24-2015.

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