08-04-2015: Perfect Conditions All Day Long, 10-15+ Feeding Humpbacks In Front of Moss Landing

Monterey Bay Whale Watch

This breaching humpback must have startled the breaching sea lion right next to it. 60,000 lbs of humpback whale launching 20 feet in the air would certainly have a startling effect to anyone nearby. Photo: Michael Sack, sanctuarycruises.com 08-06-2015.

More humpbacks seemed to have shown up over the last few days. We have also been seeing large areas of anchovies at the surface.

Monterey Bay Whale Watch

This is the pectoral fin of a young humpback whale. Photo: Michael Sack, sanctuarycruises.com 08-05-2015.

At first the massive schools of anchovies appear darker areas of water. I’m talking large areas, like 1/2 mile or more in diameter. As you get closer and look down into the water, all you can see is anchovies. Right there at surface.


This has created perfect conditions for vertical surface lunge-feeding. Although we have no been seeing rampant lunge-feeding, there have been the occasional big, fatty whale heads popping up out of the water.

Monterey Bay Whale Watching

Tail-lobbing and breaching all day long. Photo: Michael Sack, sanctuarycruises.com

Today was all about the breaching and tail-lobbing. We had very active whales today. Many, many breaches, tail-lobs and tail slaps. It was remarkable. All day long on all trips, the jumping didn’t stop.

Monterey Bay Whale Watching

More tail-lobbing. Photo: Michael Sack, sanctuarycruises.com 08-05-2015.

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