Moss Landing Humpback

Humpback goes down for a dive. Photo: Michael Sack, 07-20-2015.

Another epic day on the Monterey Bay right out in front of Moss Landing. Perfect, calm condition for most of the day. The humpbacks started grouping up more today than they have been.

Moss Landing Humpback

Humpback whale going down for some more anchovies. Photo: Michael Sack, 07-20-2015

Moss Landing Humpback

Two humpbacks working the anchovies together. Photo: Michael Sack, 07-20-2015

Over the last week or so we’ve been seeing mainly single humpbacks scattered over a 3-5 mile area. So it was nice to see more anchovies at the surface, shorter dive cycles and longer surface time.

Moss landing Humpback Whales

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