06-24-2015: Moss Landing Remains the Hotspot for Humpbacks

Moss Landing Humpback Whales

A humpback whale goes for a deep dive out in front of Moss Landing Harbor. Photo: Michael Sack 06-24-2015

Nothing new to report really. Six to eight humpbacks continue feasting on the abundant anchovies just outside of the Moss Landing Harbor. They have been doing pretty routine humpback whale behavior. Basically going down and coming up. Seem to be either feeding deep or in search mode. We have some long dive cycles lately. But when they come up we’ve been getting some great looks.

Moss Landing Elephant Seal

We had a great look at this female elephant seal. Photo: Michael Sack, 06-24-2015.

Still no reports of much else in The Bay. We did hear some reports today of a small group of Risso’s dolphins and another report of a small group of pacific white-sided dolphins quite a bit further out.

Moss Landing Humpback Whale

More deep diving. Photo: Sack, www.sanctuarycruises.com 06-24-2015.

We’ve still been doing some exploration runs as we head out four-five miles. We have ran across some Mola Molas  and the occasional elephant seal. We have also been seeing a lot of “egg yolk” jellies. But not much else.

Moss Landing Humpback Whales

And down they go. Photo: Michael Sack, www.sanctuarycruises.com. 06-21-2015.

Conditions have been nice in the morning. And we expect that to be the case for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But we never really know with the weather.

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