01-06-2012: Two Humpback Whales Show up a Few Miles Outside of Moss Landing, Gray Whales Continue to pass through The Bay in Large Numbers

Today started out pretty rough. The fog created quite a problem for us. And the large swells didn’t help. Luckily, the swells were long period so they weren’t very steep and there wasn’t much wind.

But as we got closer to Point Pinos the fog got thicker and the swells got steeper. It seemed like a loosing proposition. But there were reports of clearer conditions back toward Moss Landing.

So we decided to turn around and head back. At that point I called the trip on account of bad weather and pretty much started heading back to the harbor. We thought we would likely end up giving everyone a refund and try again another day. But I decided to head toward the middle of The Bay as I could see what appeared to be blue sky toward that direction.

After about 20-minutes of running, the fog cleared and the swells appeared to calm down a bit. So I slowed down and started to search. After about 45-minutes I spotted a blow. At first we thought it was a gray whale. But as we got a couple of more looks, it was obvious we had come a very rare January Humpback sighting.

As we continued to watch, another humpback appeared. After a couple more surfacings, we realized we had a mother and calf pair. What a treat to see humpbacks in January. We were the only boat on The Bay to find whales today. So we felt quite fortunate about that.

Here’s some incredible video footage from a trip in November. It’s one of the best encounters we’ve had.

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