04-20-15: Orca Pod on Gray Whale Kill, Humpbacks and Sea Lions in Feeding Frenzy just oustide of Moss Landing

Moss Landing Killer Whales

This group of about 4-5 killer whales had recently killed a gray whale calf. By the time we got on the scene, they were in feeding mode. Photo: Michael Sack, www.sanctuaryruises.com 04-20-2015.

Incredible sightings today. It looks like the orcas are starting to come around regularly now. Early on into the trip we heard reports of orcas on a gray whale calf kill about 3-4 miles from the Moss Landing Harbor. So as soon as we left the harbor we knew we were in for a good trip. I set a course for the location of the killer whale action and bumped up the RPMs.

Check out this humpback whale feeding frenzy video.

Moss Landing Killer Whales

This young orca was continually tail slapping. Photo: Michael Sack, 04-20-2015.

We didn’t get more than a mile or two before we started coming across the mighty blows of the humpback whale.

Moss Landing Killer Whales

These orcas kept taking bites out of this whale just below the water surface. Photo: Michael Sack, 04-20-2015.

We stopped for a bit and had some nice looks at a few humpbacks. But we soon continued on the killer whale action.

On the way in we found ten humpback whales in a massive feeding frenzy along with hundreds of sea lions. Quite impressive. The last two days we have had great humpback displays within a mile of Moss with breaching, pec slapping and tail lobbing. Then there are the hundreds of Long Beaked Common dolphins feeding within a few miles of Moss daily. Did we mention the four blue whales that have been in the bay for four days straight feeding? It’s good out there now.

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