11-15-2014: It Just Keeps on Keeping On, 10+ Humpback Whales Feeding Together, Sea Lions, Common Dolphins, Orcas and More

Moss Landing Orcas

Orcas on the prowl. Photo: Michael Sack, 11-15-2014.

There seems to be no end in sight. Although the action has moved out a little further. We’re not seeing whales until we get about 4-miles out.

Moss landing Sea lions

These sea lions all jumped at once. All 200+ of them. Then about 4 killer whales popped up right in the middle of them. It reminded me of when the anchovies all jump out of the water just before the mighty humpback whale does a massive vertical surface lunge. Photo: Michael Sack, 11-15-2014.

Moss Landing Killer WhalesBut most of the action has been about 6-7 miles southwest of Moss Landing.

Moss Landing Common Dolphins

A common dolphin rides our wake. Photo: Michael Sack, 11-15-2014.

Moss Landing Common Dolphins

Another flying dolphin. Photo: Michael Sack 11-15-2014.

Moss Landing Common DolphinsAfter about 20 minutes of running we came across the unmistakable head of what looked like a young male elephant seal.

Moss Landing Elephant Seal

This friendly elephant seal decided to swim right up to the boat to get a better look at us. Photo: Michael Sack, 11-15-2014.

Usually we get a glimpse of them and then they’re down and that’s last we see of them. But I circled around anyways and this thing just came right up to us.

Moss Landing Elephant Seal

Elephant seal giving us a profile. Photo: Michael Sack, 11-15-2014.

This was the first friendly elephant seal encounter I’ve had.

Moss Landing Surf Scoters

Moss Landing Surf Scoters.

We’ve also been having regular common dolphin encounters. Today the water was very clear so we could see the dolphin about 8-10 under. There were at least 500 of them cruising around feeding with a couple of humpbacks.

Moss Landing Killer Whales

There were scattered whales all throughout The Bay. We had reports from boats to the north that were also having an incredible show of many whales. And then there was the breaching. We had a couple of close up double breaches. This is when two whales simultaneously launch out of the water. It’s quite spectacular.

Moss Landing Humpback Whale

This humpback has the obvious marks of killer whale teeth. This whale was right in the middle of these orcas. I don’t know if those are fresh marks or not. Photo: Michael Sack, 11-15-2014.

For the most part, the weather has been perfect. We did have to cancel a couple of trips of the last week or so.  But epic fall conditions continue and more humpbacks and dolphins seem to be showing up.


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