08/23/2014: Orcas, Breaching and Tail-lobbing Humpbacks, Bottlenose Dolphins and More


Breaching Humpback

Breaching Humpback off of Moss Landing. Photo: Michael Sack

Today on the way in we came across a handful of Orcas. So that was a nice way to end the trip. The humpbacks just continue to feast on the abundant anchovies.

Moss Landing Killer Whales

Orcas on the prowl just outside of Moss Landing Harbor. Photo: Michael Sack, 08-23-2014.

Over the last few weeks, the waters off of Moss Landing have been the site of an incredible humpback whale gathering and feeding event. We’ve pretty much had between 20-30 whales just outside the harbor and it seems to just keep on going.

Moss Landing Killer Whales

Moss Landing Killer Whales. Photo: Michael Sack, 08-23-2014.

We still continue to see humpbacks on the prowl within a mile or two of the harbor. We’ve also been seeing 200+ sea lions feeding along side the humpback whales. And then there is the breaching and tail-lobbing. On just about every trip we’re seeing breaches and/or tail-lobbing.

Moss Landing Killer Whales

We came across this group on the way in just before dark. You can see they are just outside the harbor prowling for harbor seals. Photo: Michael Sack, 08-23-2014.

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