07-19-2014: Welcome To The Moss Landing Whale Park

Moss Landing Humpback Whales

Two humpbacks “lunge-feeding” at the surface just off the Moss Landing North Jetty. Notice the anchovies jumping in the foreground. Photo: Michael Sack, 07-19-2014.

I hereby designate the 200 yards outside of Moss Landing Harbor the Moss Landing Whale Park. I mean really.

Moss Landing Humpback Whales

This is a humpback whale “lunge-feeding” off the south Moss Landing Harbor jetty just in front of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Photo: Michael Sack, 07-19-2014.

There is no other area in the country (probably the world) where you can get close up looks of massive lunge feeding humpback whales right from shore. It is truly spectacle to behold.

Moss Landing Humpback Whales

Humpback whales on the prowl off the north Moss Landing Harbor jetty. Photo: Michael Sack, 07-19-2014.

We’re beginning to see a pattern. The feeding seems to be happening in the morning and late afternoon. Most of the big surface lunges seem to be after 3:00 PM to dark over the last few days. Plus the lighting is incredible.

Moss Landing Humpback  Whales

The feast continues. Photo: Michael Sack, 07-19-2014.

Moss Landing Humpback Whales

This rambunctious humpback breached about 20 times in a row. Just spectacular. Photo: Michael Sack, 07-18-2014.

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