04-20-2014: More Killer Whale Carnage

Moss Landing Killer Whales

After bringing her calf all the way from the lagoons of Baja to the Monterey Bay, she battles hard with the apex predators of the ocean. Photo: copyright Michael Sack, 2014.

The killer whales are on the hunt in the Monterey Bay. And their hitting their target: The northbound gray whale calves. This is the second attack and killing within the week.

Monterey Bay Killer Whale

Killer whale attacks in the Monterey Bay on gray whales historically happen between now and the end of May. Photo: copyright Michael Sack, 04-20-2014.

There were also humpbacks in the immediate area that were interacting with the orcas.

Monterey Bay Killer Whale

This calf had pretty well had it at this point. Photo: copyright Michael Sack, 2014.

This was an epic battle between a mother trying to save her calf and 10+ orcas needing to eat.

Monterey Bay Killer Whales

Cruising killer whales on The Monterey Bay. Photo: copyright Michael Sack, 04-20-2014.

We had two rounds of killer whales today. First on our 10:00 AM trip and then again on our 3:00 pm trip. It was remarkable.

Black-footed Albatross

And then there were the black-footed albatross. They always seem to show up at orca predation events. There were probably about 20 of them in the general area. Photo: Michael Sack, 04-20-2013.

Black-footed Albatross

Another cruising black-footed albatross. Photo: copyright Michael Sack, 04-20-2014.

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