10-08-2013 Orca on the Prowl and Plenty of Humpbacks

The past two days we have spent time with one of our favorite Orcas, “Fat Fin”. This big bull often prowls solo and frequents Monterey Bay as a regular visitor. He is an impressive big male killer whale and always a thrill to get good views of which we sure did yesterday.
The humpbacks remain in strong form on the bay. We did have to go out a few miles to encounter them the last few days but once found they gave all great views as they approached the boat closely numerous times. Breaches and pec slaps were seen from a distance. The anchovies must be deeper out there as no lunge feeding has been seen for a few days now. Just a tip, though. If you are walking the beach near Santa Cruz keep your eyes on the water as lunge feeding and breaching were seen not far from shore yesterday.
Rissos dolphins are back in the bay with new very young calves, giving us “three cetacean” days the past few. Conditions are superb. We have room on our 10 am trips each day this week. The time is right!

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