09-23-2013 A Whale of a Week so far!


Surface lunge-feeding Humpback near Moss Landing

Surface lunge-feeding Humpback near Moss Landing

This Photo by Giancarlo Thomae shows the inside of a whale’s mouth with the two rows of baleen and the pink palate. Note the tiny anchovies escaping from the gaping whale mouth. This week has been quite incredible aboard Sanctuary and on the Monterey Bay. The whale action really picked up over the weekend with many breaching, lobtailing and pec slapping whales. Then the group lunge-feeding began. Quite the spectacle with as many as nine whales surfacing in synchrony with their massive mouths agape and anchovies leaping for the lives. The conditions got wild for our afternoon trips this past weekend, causing us to cancel our Saturday 3 pm, but the Sunday 3 pm went well with continued awesome sightings. Monday the massive lunge feeding event had subsided near Moss but there were incredible sightings more to the northwestern part of the bay. Our trips are filling up fast as word spreads about the best September ever on Monterey Bay for whale watching.

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