08-28-2013 Playful humpback whale calf steals the show

Today we started with a pair of adult whales very close to Moss Landing who were really sleeping. They logged on the surface of the water in full sight for over 45 minutes while we patiently hung around and waited for them to wake up. A hoard of young sea lions pestered them mercilessly but they just slept through it all. So we had great and long close up looks at two very sleepy whales. Then we headed out to the action zone just a half mile further west where three groups of humpbacks were circling around their prey and the birds and sea lions were going bonkers. It was fun to watch. The fog crept in and out and were were worried we lost the whales, when we spotted some in the distance. Our playful calf with its mom Capt. Hook was back! This very calf had put on a breaching fest just two days ago for three trips in a row, so we were happy to find it again. This calf never fails to delight and today was not exception. It rolled and slapped and tail lobbed over and over and over again right next to our boat! Just to keep things interesting a lone humpback would periodically buzz our boat within ten feet. What a thrill!
These humpbacks whales are really putting on a great show and now is the time to get aboard and enjoy our marine bounty in great conditions!

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