07-29-2013 Humpbacks and Dolphins so close to Moss Landing in Calm Seas

Newborn Risso's Dolphin

The past ten days we have had ideal conditions for whale viewing inside the bay very close to Moss Landing. The humpback whales have been feeding on anchovies right here at the head of the Monterey Submarine Canyon swimming big circles around and feasting.

Some trips they get frisky and we’ve had incredible chronic breaching and tail lobbing events. Other trips they are single-mindedly feeding. We see short dives, many surfacings and lots of fluking. The mom and calf pairs have been fun to hang out with, as you never know when a rambunctious calf will fly out of the water in a full breach.

The Risso’s dolphins have really been stealing the show in the past three days. They seem to be actively feeding on the abundant fish near the surface and are super charging and porpoising up clear of the surface in trios that look like a dolphin show at Seaworld! But the best of all are the newborn calves.

This photo taken by Giancarlo Thomae is of a newborn calf still showing the fetal folds. The babies are all curled up in the uterus and have wrinkles when they are newborn.

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