07-12-2013: More Fluking Blue Whales, Risso’s Dolphins, Pacific White-sided Dolphins and Northern Right-whale Dolphins

Monterey Bay Blue Whale

A massive blue whale throws up it’s tail fluke before taking a deep dive. Photo: Chase Dekker, 07-12-2013.

The is the longest streak of nice conditions and close in sightings we’ve had in recent memory. Lately, we’ve been on the animals within 30 minutes of leaving the harbor. So that’s always nice. We were on two large blue whales within about 30 minutes.

Monterey Bay Risso's Dolphin

Risso’s dolphin breaches next to the boat. Photo: Giancarlo Thomae, 07-12-2013.

Calm seas and no wind. Blue whales continue to feed in The Bay. And today we had a great look at a multi-species pod of dolphins. We had Pacific white-sided dolphins, Risso’s dolphins and Northern right whale dolphins all cruising around the area breaching and tail slapping. Very cool.

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Boat Captain, Monterey Bay marine life naturalist and guide. Photographer and Videographer.
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