05-01-2013: Plenty of Humpbacks, Orcas Keep Showing Up, Risso Dolphins

The CA-138 pod on the move. Photo: Sack, 05-01-2013.

The CA-138 pod on the move. Photo: Sack, 05-01-2013.

Another fine day on The Bay. We had at least 6-10 humpbacks in same area we’ve been finding them near the Soquel Canyon. We also heard reports of more further out.

And the orcas have been showing up daily for about the last week or so. Usually a mixture of different groups. But they’ve mostly been on the move. It’s hard to get good views when they’re moving and the sea conditions were a bit lumpy. So we had a hard time keeping up with them.

We usually get our best looks when they are on a kill. But that wasn’t the case today. They were pretty crafty. They would go under and pop up after about 8 minutes 1/4+ mile away. And by the time we got within nice viewing range, they would dive for another 8 minutes and continue the cycle. Maybe tomorrow we’ll get some better looks.

But we did have some nice looks at a handful of humpbacks. So that was good. Plenty of room still on our Thursday trip. It should be a light load.

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