03-27-2013: Feeding Humpbacks, Common Dolphins, Albatross and lots of Krill

The humpbacks continue to flow into The Bay after a long journey from their Winter calving and breeding grounds off the coast of Southern Mexico and Central America. There’s a lot of feed in The Bay right now and the humpbacks are on it. Both krill and tailfish.

humpback whales

Humpbacks on the prowl. Photo Sack, 03-27-2013.

We’ve also been seeing the occasional breaching salmon. Spring is here and the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary is teaming with marine wildlife. The marine conditions were outstanding today. Warm sun, glassy water and minimal swell.

Humpback whale

Humpback whale going down for the krill. Photo Sack, 03-27-2013.

It pretty much started on Monday and we’ve seen and have heard reports of more and more whales coming into The Bay. The common dolphins have also been showing up regularly. We’ve been seeing pods of about 500-1,000.

Common Dolphin

Common dolphin cruises next to our boat. Photo: Sack 03-27-2013.

On Monday I saw my first Laysan Albatross. So that was exciting. I didn’t get a crisp photo of it. But it’s good enough for I.D. purposes. See pic. below.

Laysan Albatross

Laysan Albatross does a flyby while we were hanging with humpbacks. Photo: Sack, 03-25-2013.

And then there was this seal that had just scored a sand dab. We never know what we’re going to see out there. Here’s to Spring.

Seal feasting on a fresh caught sand dab. Photo: Sack, 03-25-13

Seal feasting on a fresh caught sand dab. Photo: Sack, 03-25-13


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