03-24-2013: Northbound Grays, Pacific White-sided Dolphins and a Fur Seal

Gray Whale

The mighty gray whale taking a dive on it’s way to Alaska. Photo: Sack, 03-20-2013

The northbound bound gray whales continue to be a sure thing. We’ve been finding them 8-10 miles out just south of Moss Landing Harbor. We’ve also been seeing a lot of common dolphins this week as well as a feeding humpback.

Gray Whale Tail Fluke

Another gray whale tail fluke. Photo: Sack 03-20-2013

On Sunday we had a great look at the fur seal pictured below.

Fur Seal

Curious fur seal cruises next to the boat. Photo: Sack 03-24-2013.

We have heard reports of other humpbacks in The Bay and on Saturday there were reports of orcas in The Bay.

The weather has been pleasant with calm conditions in the morning and windy in the afternoon. Good Krill production conditions.

Hopefully more humpbacks will start to show up. We didn’t see one on Sunday. Only grays and dolphins. We’ll keep you updated.

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