Nothing new to report really. Six to eight humpbacks continue feasting on the abundant anchovies just outside of the Moss Landing Harbor. They have been doing pretty routine humpback whale behavior. Basically going down and coming up. Seem to be either feeding deep or in search mode. We have some long dive cycles lately. But… Read More

The humpback whale action continues to be just outside of the Moss Landing Harbor. We haven’t been seeing many dolphins lately. They must have found another place feed over the last week or so.   We’ve still been heading out about 3-4 miles to take a look around and haven’t seen much. In fact, there’s… Read More

The last couple of days ¬†we’ve had overcast, fog-like conditions in the morning giving way to clearer conditions as the day goes on. After the first hour or two, it’s been clearing up nicely. That’s when we start seeing blows all around. The occasional breaching in the distance. Often when we head out to a… Read More