Check out some of the video we shot. Amazing out there today – as we exited the harbor mouth a lone humpback whale greeted us with a breach. This was a good sign. Ten more minutes and we were with a pod of Orcas on the prowl. We were treated to multiple breaches by the… Read More

The Monterey Bay marine life action is just starting to kick into high gear. We’ve been having 20-25 knot plus northwesterly winds in the afternoons and sunshine all day long. This creates what we call upwelling. Upwelling is when the cooler, nutrient rich waters from the deeper waters (particularly along the ledges the Monterey Bay… Read More

The bay right outside Moss Landing was wild with marine life today! After watching a tight group of five humpbacks feeding within a mile of Moss and spending multiple bouts with hundreds of Long Beaked Common Dolphins milling about the boat, Dorris spotted a breacher to the west. Out we went and it sure was… Read More