I hereby designate the 200 yards outside of Moss Landing Harbor the Moss Landing Whale Park. I mean really. There is no other area in the country (probably the world) where you can get close up looks of massive lunge feeding humpback whales right from shore. It is truly spectacle to behold. We’re beginning to… Read More

Today people were lining the beach and jetty doing whale watching from shore. We had humpbacks 25 yards off the beach today as well as actually inside the Moss Landing Harbor mouth. It’s hard to imagine the incredible event that is going on right now. In fact, today it was humpback whales feeding pretty much… Read More

Today was one for the record books. Just within a few miles of Moss Landing we had about 15 humpback whales working in pairs and sometimes coming together in foursomes to herd their food. There was enough krill to bring in two huge blue whales that we observed feeding for the entire four and a… Read More