We are just in awe of the sheer numbers of marine mammals feeding right outside Moss Landing constantly for the last two months. The frenzy phenomena continues and it sure is wild to observe up close. We have up to a thousand sea lions charging schools of anchovies with the humpback whales emerging amongst them.… Read More

We had some great looks at the orca named Fat Fin today as he cruised about the bay. We love it when you get good looks at the white eye patch like we did and also we got to see a breach close up! The humpbacks are increasing in numbers and it is wild out… Read More

This photo by passenger Kevin Roberts shows our favorite spyhopping humpback whale. We’ve had several great encounters with this special whale.… Read More

Wow. Today we saw a full suite of humpback surface behaviors. What a display. The whales were first encountered a few miles west of Moss just surfacing and diving. I glanced back and saw a spy hopper. I monitored it for a few minutes and determined it was a chronic spy hopper. So we turned… Read More

The past two days we have spent time with one of our favorite Orcas, “Fat Fin”. This big bull often prowls solo and frequents Monterey Bay as a regular visitor. He is an impressive big male killer whale and always a thrill to get good views of which we sure did yesterday. The humpbacks remain… Read More

I always tell people that “everyday is different” out there and today was a great example. We started out with a single juvenile humpback whale that spyhopped within 100 yards of the boat. so we just sat still and watched. This young and inquisitive whale popped up vertically in slow motion at least 15 times… Read More

We had to wander a bit to reach the action today, but once found we had pec slaps, tail lobs galore. It is really remarkable to observe how this anchovy feeding frenzy continues unabated for almost a month here in Monterey Bay. We’ve had the most concentration and best action quite near Moss Landing, but… Read More