Today we started with a pair of adult whales very close to Moss Landing who were really sleeping. They logged on the surface of the water in full sight for over 45 minutes while we patiently hung around and waited for them to wake up. A hoard of young sea lions pestered them mercilessly but… Read More

The marine conditions have been excellent for viewing whales the past three weeks in the Monterey Bay. We have been viewing 8-10 whales consistently within 10 minutes of the Moss Landing harbor. These leviathans are feeding on an abundance of anchovies. Today, as soon as the fog cleared yielding flat calm green seas, a young… Read More

We had cloudy conditions to begin the day, but we immediately had whales right out of the harbor. We were with multiple Humpback whales and within the first minute, a large adult breached clear out of the water twice. It was a spectacular sight to start the day. We spent some time with the Humpbacks… Read More

Moss is the place to be for whale watching in Monterey Bay right now. We have been viewing 8-12 whales daily very close to Moss Landing as they feed in wide circles on the abundant anchovies. The bird action has been stunning as well. The big prize yesterday was a huge adult humpback whale that… Read More