The rough marine conditions have made the going rough over the last week. Heavy winds and steep swells is what we’ve been dealing with. It’s been too rough to get out to the “Gray Whale Highway”. But we have had some decent looks just outside the Monterey Harbor on the days we’ve tried. The good… Read More

What an amazing orca encounter we had today. We came upon an adult female orca (CA138) with her two offspring hunting on the north ledge of the canyon this afternoon. At first they were just cruising and on the prowl. Suddenly they started what I call “power bursts” which indicate they have located a prey… Read More

We had a terrific start to the year with sunny conditions and smooth seas. And then there’s the gray whales. We’ve been seeing them in pulses. It seems like every half hour we see another wave of spread out groups of three or more. And then nothing for about 30 minutes. Maybe a single blow… Read More