This week we continue to see our faithful pair of humpback whales feeding right outside of Moss Landing Harbor. Also we are spotting Orcas 2-3 times each week, which is always a thrill. The weather is absolutely beautiful here on the Monterey Bay right now, so come on out and enjoy the water with us.… Read More

Leaping Risso’s Dolphin Today was a perfect example of why we LOVE what we do. We had great whale and dolphin experiences and really calm seas plus sunshine. We knew things were off to a great start when were greeted by a waving Humpback as soon as we turned the corner to exit the harbor.… Read More

We just spent several hours with a pod of eight Orcas out in the middle of the bay. The distinctive male we call “Choptop” due to his cut off dorsal fin was hunting with his pod of mostly females and young orcas. We zig-zagged back and forth with them as they hunted. Finally they made… Read More

A rare encounter with a variety of orcas known to scientists as “Offshores” come into The Monterey Bay. Photo Sack, 10-31-2012. What an excellent week we’ve had. The weather has been perfect. Calm, glassy conditions all day long. Humpbacks, orcas and dolphins. Doesn’t get much better.… Read More