Orca with Harbor Porpoise in mouth alongside Sanctuary (Photo D. DeJong) Orca captures Harbor Porpoise outside Moss Landing D.De Jong 9/27/12Oh my, what a day on the bay. Such thrilling sightings and all within one mile of our Moss Landing Harbor mouth! The day started with finding humpbacks immediately upon going out of the harbor.… Read More

Moss Landing is the hot spot for whales these days in Monterey Bay. We had several feeding and circling around the mile buoy all afternoon today. Some surface lunges kept it exciting while the birds were actively diving all around the whales. Sometimes you see this feeding frenzy when whales are feeding on small bait… Read More

We’ve had this solo humpback whale that is lingering right outside the harbor mouth at Moss Landing over the past week or so. Some days it is right here first thing out in the morning, other days it shows up on our way back into the harbor. Today we had gone out west about eight… Read More

Marine conditions have calmed down and some humpback whales have re-entered the Bay. Yesterday we were treated to multiple breaches and some good views of several humpback whales. Conditions look good for the rest of this week with predicted light winds and low swells. We have had some excellent views of harbor porpoise, our smallest… Read More

photo by John McCormack The game is on for a krill and anchovy feeding frenzy inside the bay this past weekend. Wonderful humpback whales actively feeding near or at the surface, with breaches seen each day! Today, Labor Day, the humpbacks are only a few miles out from Moss and providing great behaviors to observe.… Read More