What a difference a day makes. Once we got out to the deep water at the north slope of the canyon today we found the waters alive with life. The swarms of actively feeding birds were a telltale sign that the krill was blooming. Soon we had three humpback whales showing off in a big… Read More

Yesterday we hit the jackpot with whale sightings and it was about time! We had three fin whales circling our boat, blue whales surfacing close by in clear water so the turquoise blue coloration really shone through the water. We also had humpback whales and fantastic Pacific white-sided dolphins. It was a great, but very… Read More

Wow! What a difference a day makes. Just incredible. A full day of calm smooth conditions, plenty of animals. We came across a Mola Mola within 20-minutes of leaving the harbor. So that was good. It’s nice to break it up a little. Of course we also stopped to check out a friendly sea otter.… Read More

Orcas on the hunt just outside of Moss Landing, CA. Photo: Sack, 08-07-2012 These orcas seem to be hanging around. They’re here feeding mostly on the sea lions and harbor seals. We’re starting to see the male sea lions making their way back from the breeding grounds in Southern California. The weather has been a… Read More

This past week has been up and down out there on the Bay. We’ve had nice calm conditions mostly and no thick fog. The humpbacks have been the star attraction earlier in the week, with fantastic surface lunge feeding not far from Moss Landing. At times the boat was surrounded by lunging whales, with their… Read More