It just keeps getting better and better. Today was truly one of the most absolutely incredible days we’ve had out there. Of course, I live for days like today. Both Dorris and I have chosen to make showing folks the awesome Monterey Bay marine wildlife our main focus in life. Today was one of those… Read More

It’s been hit or miss lately with the marine conditions. But today was fantastic. Which made for outstanding views of feeding humpback whales. They were pretty much just hanging out, circling around, feeding on an abundance of shallow krill patches. I could see huge balls of krill on our sonar. Mostly between 10 and 60… Read More

The last week has again been rough for whale watching. The winds have been really churning things up out there making for poor marine wildlife viewing condtions. That’s the bad news. The good news is that this is exactly what we need for abundant krill development. You know, whale food. With the strong winds and… Read More