California Gray Whale

One of the three mating gray whales we were with today. Photo: Michael Sack, 01-14-2017 Incredible day on the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Sunny conditions and calm seas. Doesn’t get much better for Winter whale watching. Spy-hopping gray whale. Photo: Michael Sack, 01-14-2017 We came across some common dolphins right outside the… Read More

About 300 long-beaked common dolphins were also feeding in the area. Photo: Vicky Stein. Conditions have been gorgeous on the water. Crisp and cool with sunshine, clear blue skies and beautiful puffy white clouds in the background. We have had some windy spells in between excellent Fall conditions, with long period swells and foggy mornings.… Read More

This was our biologist Vicky Stein’s photo from today, which was a good day but tough for photography. Lots of great lunges, though, and absolute bird chaos. We had pelicans, terns, gulls (Bonaparte’s, Heerman’s, westerns), murres, cormorants, and parasitic jaegers all over the place. This is an indication of the abundance of small schooling fish… Read More

Though our trip today began with a light drizzle, before long the skies cleared up and we spotted our first humpback whales, only two miles outside Moss Landing Harbor. We hopscotched from those three whales out to a large group of Risso’s dolphins (probably more than 200) that were breaching and socializing around us, before… Read More

These past two days have been magical out here on Monterey Bay for wildlife sightings. Yesterday we had hundreds of active Risso’s Dolphins surrounding the boat for most of the trip, humpback whales and a lone male Orca cruising along on calm, still waters with sunshine. Today we found a few humpbacks within a couple… Read More

Killer whales on the prowl. Photo: Chase Dekker, 07-07-2016. After giving us a close swim by, this orca threw up it tail and slapped it on the water before going under. Photo: Chase Dekker, 07-07-2016 The action continued today on our 09:00 AM trip. We came across a few humpbacks in the first 30… Read More