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09-17-2017: Scattered Humpbacks, Sea Lions Feeding Together, Breaching Humpbacks and More

Monterey Bay Lungefeeding Humpback Whale
We’ve been having scattered humpbacks lately. But they’re putting a great show once we get to the right spot.

Monterey Bay Lungefeeding Humpback Whale

Random lunges. It was hard to predict. They were pretty much coming up one at a time. Photo: Sack

Early on we heard reports of feeding humpbacks just off the beach in Marina. But we wanted to at least get a couple of looks at a lone humpback feeding just outside of Moss Landing Harbor. We had a couple of ok looks, but after the first 10 minute dive cycle we decided to make a course for the 45 minute run to Marina.

Moss Landing Sea Otter

A mating pair of southern sea otters. Photo: Sack

It was a good call. We had a lot of feeding humpbacks, sea lions and birds. Also the occasional vertical surface lunge. I love turning the engines off and listening to all the mayhem. It’s quite a spectacle with all the birds going crazy, sea lions barking and whales blowing.

Monterey Bay Common Murre

A father common murre looks for it’s chick to feed it an anchovy. Everything seems to be feeding on the anchovies. Photo: Sack

So that’s what we had in the morning. It was a little lumpy to get down there for the after noon trip. Plus we had a handful of humpbacks right out front and for a 2-hour trip it makes more sense to hang with what we had. We also had a nice breacher for the evening trip. So that was great. This thing breached 3-4 times right in front of the boat. I love when that happens.

Monterey Bay Humpback Whale

08-31-2017: Fall Conditions Are Here and The Humpbacks Are Continue The Feeding Frenzy In Front of Moss Landing

Moss Landing Humpback Whale A massive humpback whale  lunge-feeds next to our boat. Photo: Sack, 08-29-2017

Incredible encounter on the afternoon trip a couple of days ago. It was hard to leave. These things were feasting on anchovies at the surface for over an hour. When we left they were still going strong.

Monterey Bay Whale Watch These things were feasting for well over an hour. I probably should have came back out after the trip. Photo: Sack

These things were feasting for well over an hour. I probably should have came back out after the trip. Photo: Sack

Monterey Bay Lunge-feeding Humpback Whales Double lunge-feed. Photo: Sack

I was bummed that my video camera malfunctioned so I didn’t get any great video. But I did manage to get some incredible stills. Luckily on the way in I figured out what was up with my video camera. So hopefully today we will get some more of this.