Monthly Archives: January 2014

01-16-2014 Gray Whales are Streaming South

Conditions are calm and clear here in Monterey Bay which makes the trip out towards the mouth of the bay where the gray whales are migrating by a pleasant one. There are record numbers of gray whales this year and great conditions out there. We’ve had good luck with dolphin sightings this month as well. Captain Mike is on a big mission – sailing our sailboat north from Cabo, Baja, Mexico. He will be sailing past most of the gray whale population heading south to the breeding lagoons in Baja on this voyage and photo documenting the trip. In fact, his anchoring spots are at the mouths of two of the main gray whale breeding lagoons – Magdalena Bay and Scammon’s Lagoon. Look for his posts and photos upon his return next month. In the meantime, we have Capt. Donny from the Kahuna piloting Sanctuary with our able crew – Dorris, Bonnie and Scott leading gray whale trips Fridays through Sundays.