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12-23-2012 Enjoy the Holidays! Gift Certificates are a Great Idea! Gray Whale Parade has Begun!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Gift Certificates are a fine idea and we can email PDFs to print out for last minute shopping!
We have taken a few weeks off to focus on family and fine tune our sailing ketch in prep for winter sails. This week’s storms have been windy and wild, so we are happy to be ashore.
We can have lovely conditions in late December and January, however.
The gray whale migration is ramping up and the storms will settle down soon. We have a trip on Christmas Eve and resume daily trips the day after Christmas through New Years Day. Come and celebrate the New Year aboard Sanctuary with the whales!

12-08-2012 GRAY WHALES are HERE!!!

Between multiple storms and fixing our beautiful sailing ketch up for chartering, we have been taking a break from whale watching trips, only running about 2-3 times a week recently. But each time we do get out there it is real nice. Yesterday was a treat. As we were leaving the harbor mouth at Moss I scanned the immediate bird activity hoping for our faithful pair of “hang around” humpbacks. Locating whale blows about half a mile south and there we go. Well, to our surprise, it wasn’t our humpbacks at all. It was the first pair of Gray Whales to be spotted on Monterey Bay this season!

Amazingly, this pair hung right at the edge of the surf zone while continuing their southward migration. We pondered if they had an encounter with the Orcas that were in the bay the day prior. We could see their entire bodies in the cresting waves. Amazing.